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Iron Brothers


***Iron Brothers Disclaimer***

If you're offended by ridiculous or off color commentary, don't click on the Iron Brothers section. Instead, just pay attention to all the other areas. Read More

1/27/2015  Matt Rhodes

I recently bought a low cost SS bar from a company called amstaff. The bar is rated for 100lbs and was only 100$. However it doesn't fit in either of my racks. The bar is only 42'' across before it be Read More

1/26/2015  Matt Rhodes

Damn coach I thought a real man took care of business, his family, accepted responsibility and learned from his mistakes. Apparently you're only a real man if you can pound back some "brewskies" 5 day Read More

1/25/2015  Mark Watts

Good Morning Mark, This is Joe from IUP. I hope you and yours are doing well! I've been receiving and reading James Clear's emails since you mentioned him in your log several months ago. Did you Read More

Joe T
1/24/2015  Harry Selkow

Pt means patient, PT means Physical Therapist. I have had many patients try to kill me after performing a intervention like that. Read More

1/23/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hi. My friend and I are essentially brand new to working out. Both of us are out of shape. I am over weight and he is underweight. I dont know if this is the proper forum for such beginners but we  Read More

David Watson




Important information on how to get your questions answered.  Read More

1/29/2015  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Hi, My knees are making a crunchy sound whenever I bend them, no pain, just the sound. I've added TKE's, leg extensions, hamstring curls and some hip work w/ a small circular band when I warmup but n Read More

1/28/2015  Thomas Deebel D.C.

Recently, like within the past few days, I've gotten pain right around my left tibial tuberosity. I read/heard/potentially learned at some point that the patella tendon crosses there. I don't have any Read More

Andy M
1/27/2015  Matt Rhodes

I think I have a hernia around my belly button area. I can't afford to get it fixed right now. I know you can't say go ahead and train and that must consult a physician etc, but could a person go a Read More

1/24/2015  Matt Rhodes

My left sternoclavicular joint is dislocated/subluxed according to my sports med doc. Any tips for aiding recovery and training around the injury? Read More

1/22/2015  Justin Harris

Hey Justin, Heard some author interview on NPR the other day of an Israli soldier who got burns on 70% of his body after an accident with white phosphorus flares. He talked very briefly about his 1 Read More



2/6/2015  Harry Selkow

Coach, I had a quick question. Is there anything wrong with doing some interval training after I finish my workout at the gym? I'm just trying to maximize my time at the gym. Also I also wanted to sa Read More

1/30/2015  Jim Wendler

My question is how is former EFS author Glenn-Buechlein doing? I wish he would write for the site again as his written work is pure gold, as is his book the Tao of B. Read More

Paul Leonard
1/30/2015  Jim Wendler

Jim, I have used 5/3/1 since August 2008. I love the principles and have had great success. I recently bumped up to Beyond 5/3/1 this past July and continued to have great success except for the deadl Read More

Jesse R.
1/30/2015  Jim Wendler

Hey Jim, I am currently doing your "Beach" Body Challenge from T-Nation. I injured my leg about 2 months ago and could only squat 225 for one. So I set that as 205 as my training max for this firs Read More

1/25/2015  JL Holdsworth

JL, I'm a wrestler, and am just starting BJJ. What would you focus on in grip work? I've got to be able to grip the cloth of a gi, but also able to grip arms, etc. for no-gi. Most matches are at leas Read More

1/24/2015  JL Holdsworth

Hi Mr Holdsworth It's Bob Ungurean from Facebook. Thanks for getting back to me. Now I want to add that I do have a mild herniated disc on left side of neck. So I stopped doing harness and plate wo Read More

Robert Ungurean


2/2/2015  Jim Wendler

Hi Jim. Not sure if you had any exposure to working with judo players, wrestlers or the like, but was wondering if you noticed any non-traditional exercises or movements that contributed to athletic s Read More

2/2/2015  Jim Wendler

Hi Jim. Maybe you have answered this question before but here it is: You have said other lifts other than the big 3, like power clean and even curls can be fit into the 5/3/1 program. What about th Read More

1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hey, my question is: how come that lower bodyweight athletes can "easier" achieve high relative totals? There are several guys for example deadlifting 4x bodyweight, but you don't see many heav Read More



2/2/2015  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, I am doing the program you and your brother wrote for this year's MAW. I am 28 with 5 good years of lifting under my belt. I really enjoy doing the olympic lifts and that's why I chose that Read More

1/26/2015  Matt Rhodes

I own a gym and was doing Wendler's 5/3/1 for 5 years. With that program I grew my gym in square footage and in members. Out of that grew a Male Only Group and a Female Only Group, each training 3 t Read More

1/24/2015  Brian Schwab

Hi Brian, I purchased the Minimalist Method program a while back, but haven't begun using it yet, because I wanted to finish a 5/3/1 cycle. I've been training and competing raw for the last 18 months Read More

Joe Gonzalez

Fat Loss

1/29/2015  Josh Bryant

Hi Josh, wondering how you program your heavy bag work, do you do a set amount of rounds and duration of time? I just started with it and im a bit lost as to how to orogram and add progression, thanks Read More

1/25/2015  Shelby Starnes

Shelby I love fruit and I train to add muscle and lose fat however at the moment the focus is more fat loss. When is the best time I can eat fruit but make sure I am still burning fat? I would Read More



1/27/2015  Matt Rhodes

Hello Team, I have question in regards to carbs/insulin/GI: Let's say we have two athletes. Athlete A consumes 2500 calories, 40% protein, 40% carbs of strictly low GI and 20% fat. He is exa Read More

1/26/2015  Mark Dugdale

Hi Mark, When you work out in the morning do wake up early enough to have a meal, or do you find you have enough energy just using plasma? Thanks for your time. Read More

Marc Leduc
1/25/2015  Hannah Johnson

Hey Hannah, You seem to know your stuff when it comes to cooking deliciousness, so I was wondering if you had any ideas for a low-sodium crock pot chicken recipe? Thanks! Read More

Andy M
1/25/2015  Amy Wattles

What are the general rules of cheat meals? As i understand it, you need to have enough time on calorie depletion so that only your glycogen stores are filled and there is no over flow, meaning; once a Read More

1/23/2015  Matt Rhodes

Hey Matt, What are my chances of getting "jacked" if I drink beer 5-6 times a week? I'm not getting hammered but I probably average 4-6 drinks on these days. Let's face it...a man ain't really a ma Read More

Gary Mingee
1/22/2015  Justin Harris

Justin, i've read several times now, that "metabolsim slowdown/change" does not really contribute to people not being able to lose more weight at a certain point in their diets/fat loss phases.  Read More


Squat - Deadlift

1/26/2015  Dave Kirschen

Hey guys, just looking for a form check on my deadlift and squat. Thanks a lot.  Read More

Kris Fischer
1/26/2015  Matt Rhodes

I have an interesting sort of counter intuitive problem. I've been powerlifting for a few years now and at first I started out on gym shoes, then I graduated to only style shoes, and recently I ordere Read More

Adam C.
1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hi guys just did this deadlift couple days ago it's 200kg 440lb I've missed the lock out and I think my butt came up too high to early I was wondering if you could give me a couple of tips on what to Read More

1/23/2015  Shane Church

Thank you. Sticking point off the floor Read More

1/23/2015  Brian Schwab

M2 going great. What height do you set the bands at for reverse band DL? On the inside of plates or after the all the plates are on? Going to be in a power rack is the band even with shouldres or s Read More



1/26/2015  Marc Bartley

Is 100g DHEA (twice daily) and 200g of Trib (twice daily) an appropriate dose for a 250 + guy? Should I cycle it? Read More

1/25/2015  Amy Wattles

Does beef protein powder have any advantage over other protein powders such as strength etc... Read More



1/26/2015  Matt Rhodes

Matt, I'm so excited that you liked my "linebacker" question enough to write a whole article about it! I appreciate it so much. That's exactly how I want to train, like an athlete. If looking and p Read More

1/23/2015  Matt Rhodes

Coach, Would you have any suggestions on the conditioning of a football team that will be utilizing a high tempo, no huddle offense. We generally have 35-40 players on a roster with 15 players gettin Read More

Jared Brown


1/26/2015  Andy Deck

I can't seem to clean and press a keg in one motion. The clean part feels easy but i stall out when I try to transition into the press. Hvae you heard of this before? Read More



1/25/2015  Hannah Johnson

You're awesome.... That is all! Read More

1/25/2015  Brandon Smitley

Hello, EFS! I want to ask about a possible article for the future. Think anyone on the team would be interested in educating all of us trainees out there on the effects hard training can have on testo Read More


Bench Press

1/23/2015  Brandon Smitley

I have noticed that most of the when you guys/gals bench, that there is enough arch in your back that, when you touch your chest with the bar your upper arms don't go much past parallel to the floor.  Read More

Aaron Gamache

Products and Reviews

1/23/2015  Mark Watts

Just curious on the return policy. Want to purchase knee-sleeves, just want to ensure I'll be able to exchange for a different size if need be! Thank you for your time! Read More

Stephen Gaetano

Novice Powerlifting

1/22/2015  Scott Yard

My wife is training for her first PL competition and is going to compete raw. I have competed in equipped comps only and am familiar with peaking with circa max phases and what not for suits and shirt Read More


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