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11/18/2009 8:41:15 AM - Brian
Hi Jim,

I really like the 5/3/1 program (hope I did it right ^^)but I am a little confused about Rep Records, how to measure progress and progress in general.

So I understand I do an all out last set every training day. Then I use the formula you gave in your book to predict my 1RM and compare different days.

So my question is should I try to beat my predicted maxes every time (as a main goal) and ist it bad if I can't do that?

What days should I compare (wk1 5x day/wk1 3x day; or wk1 5x day / wk 5 5xday)?

...or should I just measure progress over time by doing cycle after cycle and increasing weight?

Damn, I hope you can at least guess what I mean but I have some trouble to make my problems understandable.
Somehow I feel I am too caught up with the comparing of predicted maxes...



You measure progress by:

1. Making it through another cycle and keep moving forward.

2. Comparing records via the Rep Max Formula.

3. Simply doing more weight for X reps...OR doing more reps and X weight.

As mentioned in the book, you won't break records all the time.

Jim Wendler

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