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7/16/2010 5:37:31 PM - Eric Stone
Comment--Just got the Rumble Roller I bought during the new item sale. Although a little pricey, it is really a nice peice of equipment. I have been using foam rollers for many years, and have gotten to the point where I could use the black foam roller or even a PVC pipe on certain areas without too much trouble. Despite that, the Rumble Roller is PAINFUL on many areas of my body. It has just the right amount of firmness, and the "bump" really dig deep in the tissues. I have tried a PVC pipe, but it really seems to run into my bones in some areas. Also, because it has no give, doesn't spread around the muscles well. The RR seems to solve those issues, and is really a great addition for someone who is looking for the "next" level of rolling to get deep into the muscles.


I agree and have the same issue. My problems are deep and need something that can jam in the creases. For me a regular foam roller is better than PVC for the same reason. Since there isn't any give to the PVC is can fill in where I need the pressure to be while foam can.

The Rumble Roller is awesome for this and by far the best type of roller I've ever used.

Thanks for the feedback. For awhile I was thinking I was the only one who felt this way.

Dave Tate

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