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12/3/2010 10:49:06 AM - Mike C.
This ones for the quotes section (and a little back story)

So I joined the gym again because my home gym lacks a lot of equipment and space that i need to train. My normal training partner went earlier because I worked late so I decided to call a kid I played baseball with who was bullshitting to me the day before that he can bench 300 lbs.

We did 245 and i went first for a few reps with good form (my current max with strict form is 285.

He proceeded to do 3 reps going about 4 inches down and his excuse was "I have a shoulder problem"

Being one of the stronger guys in my grade in high school ive had a million kids show off their bench to me and i hear that sad excuse all to much.

so the quote is "I have a shoulder problem" - and it is by 90% of high school kids who lift.

That one goes right up there with "I have a back problem" and "I have a knee problem"

Dave Tate

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