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12/17/2010 11:48:28 PM - Alex
I have a question about training. I have lately been using your philosophy of training, which from what I understand is to train hard, but not so hard to the point of over doing it and frying the nervous system in a single session. I used to train that way, and I would burn out after a couple sessions, and from then on I wasn't able to perform up to my potential in the weight room each week.

From what I understand, when training using a conjugate system, you can train with greater intensity, and do the extreme workouts because the next week, you're doing a different movement anyway. Do you think that this can be used as a way to increase the stamina of the nervous system and allow for higher intensity training, or is it just a system for advanced lifters who are handling really heavy poundages week after week?

No. It's dumb.

Gloves are off,
Jim Wendler

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