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3/30/2012 7:20:12 PM - Chris
Hey Dave, I was reading an old SOYG rant you wrote and you were slamming the Iron Grip plates that have handles. My gym uses these. In one location they have the regular ones with no coating, and in another they have the newer urethane coated ones. For some reason the urethane coated ones seem heavier. Is there anything to this? Are all 45 pound plates really 45 pounds? Have you ever encountered a 45 pound plate, or some other poundage, that was really heavier? (Iron grip's website sez that their urethane plates may have weight variances of up to 2 percent). I have read that alot of companies do not follow quality control standards with respect to making sure the plates weigh what they say they weigh.

I would weigh the plates but all of my f-ed up commercial gym's scales are simply uncalibrated pieces of shit (one said I was 185 and another said I was 205), and a trainer (I use the term loosely) at the gym said that the plates were indeed 45 pounds (which means it MUST be true).

I'm not Dave but I have your answer.
All plates are NOT as marked.
The weight of plates varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and model to model.
This sounds INSANE but it is true.
We bought a close out lot of Weider plates a few years ago, and they vary in weight from 37-46 pounds. They are all the same model.
Generally, a good name brand plate will at least weight close to what is supposed to.
Having calibrated plates is not a great idea due to the cost.
They are VERY expensive and a gym would go bankrupt outfitting the entire facility with them.


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