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11/14/2011 12:27:41 PM - Carl
Hey Jim,

I have a question, which doesn´t really relate to training. But i think that your ebook and your whole training philosophy definitely have some aspects concerning life in general in it, so sorry if i may be wrong.

I´m in the last year of school right now (graduation tests will come soon) and sometimes i just feel bad. You have a lot of work to do, then you probably get a test back with not such a good result and your day seems to be over...i bet you know what i mean.

I know everyone has such times in life, but the point here i want to know from you: How do you handle such situations and how do you motivate yourself?(i know you hate motivating other people, that´s why i ask how you motivate yourself :-P)

Thanks man!


I think we can all understand "feeling down and out" but here are somethings I've learned over the years (not sure if this answers your question, but f*ck'll learn something).

1. Wake up everyday with a positive outlook. You are in complete control over this.

2. Don't associate with negative people or people who don't hold the same goals/values as you do. This is unavoidable in many cases (work, school, etc) but the ones that you do have control over, make it happen.

3. Don't let others/situations get inside your head and affect your emotions. Man up and take control of YOU.

4. Perspective - I'd like to thank my ex-wife for this one. Once you have to go to court to SPEAK to your child, you realize what is important. This only comes with experience and with scars.

5. With regard to #4 - you probably don't live in a 3rd world country, are obviously not poor (you are in college) and aren't stupid. There are probably a few more categories you fit in that aren't too shabby. Understand that be thankful for whwat you have.

6. Believe in yourself and be a motherf*cker - if you don't no one else will. Have love in your heart and an axe in your hand. Hug and swing discrimantly.

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Jim Wendler

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