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2/1/2012 10:49:33 AM -
1/30- Speed Squats w/video and my interesting question for the day

Airing out OBB.

Prowler pushes- 50 lbs x 150 yds.

Close Grip pulldowns- 150x8, 210x8, 225x8

Speed Squats w/SSBar onto a low box- 155x5, 245x3
w/old Ace briefs (they're so worn down that they're basically Pros now)-
315+Strong Bands, choked (added approx. 180 lbs of tension) x2x6

Monday was Trinity's birthday so I had to head home to get ready to go out to dinner. We went to Charley's Steakhouse. They have some of the best steaks around as well as an interesting location since it's on OBT which is the prostitution headquarters for Orlando. One year we were able to watch numerous transactions at the hotel next door. Unfortunately the following year they put a wall up to block it which blocked our dinner theater. Either way, it was a good time. Happy Birthday Honey!

I get asked interesting questions all the time. The other day a guys asked me “How can I get a back that a family of 5 could eat off?” What??? On Monday the weather was perfect so I opened the doors to OBB to air it out and get some fresh air in. I was doing speed squats while Dave, John, Nate, and Trevor were pulling in the rack so there wasn't a lot of room left. A member came up and asked me “Is it okay if I deadlift on the concrete outside?” Um, no. That's not okay.

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