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3/17/2012 12:43:31 PM - Don
Hey Scott,
I just competed this past weekend and have my next meet May 26. Can you look at my routine I am putting together and see what you think.

Monday: Squat (5/3/1) Pause Squat (3x3)
step ups (3x8) Is there anything else I should do on this day?
Tuesday: Bench (5/3/1) Speed Bench (3x3)
D.B. Press (5x10) D.B. rows (5x10)
Thursday: Speed Squat (5x2) DeadLift (5/3/1)
What else should I put in on this day?
Friday: C.G. Press (5/3/1) Military Press (5x3)
What else should I put in on this day?
Thanks for your help Scott, I know you like the 3 days a week program but I have gotten better results with 4. I am just having a hard time on were and what do to on the assistance work. thanks again.

Throw in some direct ham work and you should be good to go. Hit this on your deadlift day.

Make sure to do abs routinely as well. I would do them every lower session.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Yard

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