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3/22/2012 2:44:48 PM - Nate
Whats the best way to improve grip strength in the deadlift?

There are many ways to do this, but 1st, let me share a story:
When I was about 18 I went to the OLD Gold's gym in Everett, Mass where there was a crew of powerlifters and pro bodybuilders training. Guys like DeMayo and Mattarazo trained there.
I was the kid who asked the powerlifters to teach me to lift and they told me to shut up load plates, taught me to spot and pay attention. Eventually they saw that I was serious and began to help me, this didn't take long. I was VERY lucky to have been taught the right way from experienced guys.
One day I was asking what are some of the things I needed to do to get better and this HUGE dude named Julian took my training bag from me and started going through it. He told me to get a real belt, which I did right away. He then threw my straps in the garbage can and said to never use them again. HE said you can't use them in a meet so you don't use them in the gym. He pulled over 700 raw by the way, which was a HUGE DL then, and it's not too bad now.
I began doing all of my pulling for years without them and my grip got better.

So, the first thing I would say is to never use straps.
He also had me do static holds on my last rep and on rack puills. I did these for time, sometimes a 10 count sometimes until the bar almost fell out.
I also did hangs, just hang from a chinning bar for time. I worked up to over a minute.
These are the things I did early i my career.

Now, we have access to tons of thick bars which improve your grip fast. I also am a fan of training with the Grip4orce Regular.
These 2 tools will build your grip for the deadlift quick in addition to the old school stuff above.


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That pic is a blast form the past,

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