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3/26/2012 4:01:59 PM - Kickstand

I am an avid lifter, currently using 5/3/1 for my programming plus sled/prowler work for conditioning. I have been following this protocol for a little over two years. The problem is this. I made good progress for a while, but it seems I make it to the same training maxes each time I scale back like your supposed to and then I get stuck on the same training max next time. My actual 1RM's have gone down some. Just finished up with an accomplished nutritionist so my diet is on point. I am a tall lifter 6'5" right at 198#. My question is do you think it is time to have a professional create some programming for me or just try a different program for a while like a Smolov cycle as I am more interested in bringing up my squat and dead. Thanks Bob!

When things aren't working you need to change what you are doing. I'm not really familiar with the 5/3/1 program. I would look into what training prgram you have the most confidence in. Also, at 6'5" and 198, you need to gain weight. I would discus a good weight gain program with your nutrition guy.

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