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6/22/2012 11:41:02 AM - Brad
I see you doing dumbbell side raises/laterals for your shoulders from time to time. You get a lot of guys saying that smaller movements like that don't work worth a crap, but you obviously get some mileage out of them. My question is, what do you think of them and how do you do them? Strict with your pinkies out like a lady, or heavy with the heaviest weight you can heave up there using your legs?


I love these guys that feel totally comfortable saying things like "this exercise does not work, don't do it". It's true, they won't help your squat, bench or deadlift but EVERY bodybuilder in the world does these exercises and have shoulders like watermelons. I'm trying to pack on meat on the outside of my shoulders and side raises work perfectly for that.

There are a few exercises that I personally just can't feel, dumbbell rows for instance, I hate them, they are a waste of time . . . FOR ME. But I wouldn't tell Kroc they don't do anything.

I will vary how I do them, sometimes I do them light, pump a lot of reps and get a burn. Sometimes I run up the rack and go up to about 75lbs and do some heavier low rep sets, sometimes I do them light as part of a supers set. My trick is I keep my hands hanging down so i'm drawing the dumbbell up with the deltoid and not pushing it up with my arms. (see photo)

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