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1/3/2013 5:11:06 AM - Navid
Hey Jenn , so I am a little confused . It seems like there are two camps of successful the scientific meatheads and the non-complicated meatheads. Like you are the sciency one and ******* ***** is like the non sciency one. Generally both camps seem to be successful so what is the point in delving so much into the science ? Is it just because people want to know why and enjoy learning the science part of lifting ? Could you elaborate ? What kind of benefit does being sciency bring to ones trainig ? Because ultimately that is what I care about.

Hey Navid,

This question made me like laugh a little bit....Don't get it twisted (haha ive been waiting to use that line forever), the person you mention, his program, had help with its creation from a total meathead nerd and is based on scientific principles....just its not being marketed to highlight that...

So what I'm saying, is that most successful (if not almost all) programs are based on science...Thats why the russians and Chinese DOMINATE, they invest in studying this stuff...Thats why Louies lifters always are advancing (Lou is always looking at the research), and why Coach X, 62, Pete Bommarito and the thinker are always able to produce great results when it comes to improving their athletes...

The question (you should ask yourself) is whether or not the creator KNOWS they are applying tried and true principles, or if they have rather have stumbled upon them via trial and error.

So why delve into science?? So you can create your own programs, and differentiate the BS from good stuff when looking at other peoples programs...No one ever wants to be a sheep and just follow a program because someone stronger then them said to!! No, instead, learn the scientific principles, so you can understand why things are they way the are in certain programs, and even better, see if there is something missing that would have made the program better!!

So whats the benefit?? It gives you the power to (at the end of the day)rely on yourself when designing programs, because ultimately (not always, but often) no one else will care about your training as much as you do....

Knowledge Unlocks ALL DOORS,
Jennifer Petrosino

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