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11/18/2013 2:20:32 PM - Brian
Coach X,
Hope you are well, I did not put the two together with your association with Roger Kingdom until reading a recent answer to a question here on elite. It may be beyond the scope of this Q&A but could you give a rough idea on what you did with him back then and how you would do it now?
Thank you


boy are you asking a lot for the simple reason that at the age of 56 i only have a short term memory left with flashbacks of the past. Don't believe me ask my wife!

Anyway here's a brief story about Roger that I will share. First he came to Pitt on a football scholarship as a runningback and was a royal pain in my ass to get in the weightroom. Years later i hired him in Cleveland as our speed consultant/ guy. He would occasionally race some of our young guys for fun (short distances) without even warming up and smoke them !!!

His training back in the day was very simple in its application. He sprinted, jumped, threw a 20# old leather medball (that's all we had. Remember the US version of physical preparation was in its infancy) and lifted weights to get strong!!! Since he was young and had little experience in the strength component there was tons of room for improvement so we took advantage of that.

Very raw very intense. We didn't olympic lift that much cause i never bought into the belief that the ONLY way to be fast and explosive was to use those lifts. Its really all about posture and force production in ever decreasing increments of time. Today I'd follow Charlie's approach using a high/ low format and call Charlie daily if he was still with us.

Albert Kennedy (track coach of the New Image Track Club in Pittsburgh, now gone) helped mold Roger in his speed and hurdling. Roger was was and still is a very gifted person/ athlete and one of the few I'll refer to as a friend.

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Buddy Coach X Morris

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