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12/9/2013 3:31:04 PM - Warren
Hi Coach,

I want to thank you for all your help. How would you manipulate the volume sets and reps during the in-season training for a basketball? Is there any protocol you use when determining sets and reps? how many times a week would you have basketball players train? I know you like the Charlie Francis Vertical Integration for team sports ala (High/ Low days) What exercises would you have the players do
during the in-season?

Speed and strength always,



In- season i would train them 2X weekly with limited volume especially for lower body. Since i don't want to induce fatigue via the strengthening component my sets would be between 4-6, reps 2/3 and all submax loading (60-70/75%). My squatting would be quarter in depth due to the supporting of the actually depth of the sporting activity. This is what Bondarchuk would refer to only doing what supports the sporting movement. I would use waves of 3 weeks alternating box and free squatting. DO NOT introduce any new exercises or something they haven't seen as this will lead to adaptive stiffness which opens the door for injury and possible decreases in performance. You could also include some limited explosive medball throws to aid in maintaining the high CNS component/ stimulus (2 sets 4-6 reps) .

Don't forget your prehab work and to aid in recovery i would have them passively relengthen. Have them lie on the ground with their legs up at a 45-60' angle against the wall ankles dorsi flexed and feet in line not allowing them to just flop out. Go for 45-60 seconds the drop one leg down to a 90' bend while crossing the other over to form a figure 4 (external rotator stretch) both sides. Lying on the ground causes the body to begin to go parasympathetic but just as important when lying the body does NOT have to seek stability meaning the body will have more " freedom of motion/ movement ". Think about it , when you lie down what happens? Relaxation, no tension. In my opinion tension anywhere is tension everywhere.

Thanks for the question and best of luck during the season
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Buddy Coach X Morris

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