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12/9/2013 10:18:47 PM - Dylan
Hey all

I currently train at a really small gym. It is filled with machines, two bad benches and dumbbells. They also have somewhat of a rack but its not a power rack and you can only have the bar as low as my hands (just enough to shrug, yet I can squat in it). The good thing about this gym is its $13 a month.

Down the street from me is a nice gym. It has power racks and benches and platforms as far as the eye can see. But this gym is $45 a month. Huge difference.

I'm not made of money but I could probably pay $45 a month. But part of me doesn't want to because I think that it shouldn't cost that much for anyone who wants to train for any goal. My old gym in a major US city was $25 a month, and this gym is in a town of only 100,000 people. Should I just accept the fact that this gym is $45 a month? Or do you think my gym is adequate enough for me to progress.

Thanks for everything you do EliteFTS.


Here is what you'll need to ask yourself...

"Can you do everything you NEED to do in the cheaper gym?"


"What are the atmospheres like?"

If in the cheaper gym you can squat, bench, deadlift, OHP, row, and do pull ups you're fine. I'd stick with that gym. Usually the more bare a gym is the better it is atmosphere wise (I'm guessing this is the case?)

If you feel as if you can see more progress in the more expensive gym due to atmosphere or the other gym is lacking things you NEED, then go there.

What it really comes down to is how creative you can be. I personally would take the cheaper gym and take that $15 and save up to get some bands, a foam roller, and maybe one or two small items to help YOU...not the gym. This will be more bang for you buck and keep you out of that commercial fancy-pants set up.

Let me know if you need anything else, I've had my fair share of training in random gyms and really a rack and DB's is all you need.

Keep Training Hard,
Brandon Smitley

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