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1/13/2014 1:36:40 PM - mike v.
Hello everyone,

I have saved up $500 to buy some equipment for my home gym. I am asking what you suggest to buy.

Here is a list of what I already have:
Power Rack
2, bars
550lbs + in iron (no bumpers)
set of rings
homemade bench
weight tree
foam roller
massage stick
ab wheel
squat box
deadlift blocks
rubber lifting platform
1, 20lbs dumbbell
1, 40lbs dumbbell
set of 3lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs dumbbells
2, medicine balls
homemade tire sled

Im leaning towards adjustable bench, and/or texas power bar, and/or lifting chains.


I'm currently in the process of doing this myself (alongside the help of my girlfriend). Here's what we have done, and it's been a huge benefit...

Save up wisely and make a list of what you HAVE to have to train. Usually what you're going to NEED are a rack, plates (plenty of 45's, then at least a set of each other plate), a bench, a high quality bar. You'll probably also need some mats of some sort, otherwise your plates and bar are going to be useless in like a few weeks. That's honestly it. Now to spice things up you can look into other things such as...

plate trees
different bars
blast straps

If you want to know what I have in my garage at the moment this is what we've managed to save up so, so far..

flat bench
power bar
DB's 5-115 (we're missing pairs here and there) with racks
2 plate trees
EVERY EliteFTS band you can think of
2 sets of chains
EZ loaders
pulling blocks

I can get in all my training with that, no question. If you're looking for more info, just let me know. This is a slow growing process, and I'm in your exact shoes so I know how tough but excited you are about the situation.

Best of Luck!,
Brandon Smitley

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