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2/21/2014 7:23:55 PM - luke
Hey Clint,
Ive got a few yrs under my belt as a powerlifting and a few of my friends and I have found ourselves in a position to open a gym. My question is pertaining to bumper plates (i know riveting). We are all powerlifters with a thirst for creating a strength training compound for most any training modality including oly lifting. We are stuck on what type of bumpers to buy, every crossfit box and every olympic lifting forum has different opinions. We are looking to hopefully have rookie and competitive oly lifters training there. If you could, what are your top three bumper plate companies that you'd suggest for a small strength gym to purchase. Anything we should look out for when purchasing these things? Thanks again, big fan. If youre ever in Iowa you should stop by the gym and train sometime. We'll have an elite built monolift waiting for you there.


I've used cheap bumpers and I've used expensive ones...and when I buy more for myself I will save and buy the expensive ones. They really ARE worth the money.

If you were training alone in your garage you can probably get away with some really cheap bumpers but if several people will be using them there is no need to risk it.

I've used Eleiko and Apollo. Mine are Apollo and they are a million years old and have spent many years sitting outside in the sun...and with me taking care of them they will last another decade at least. Eleiko will never do you wrong...EVER!

Whatever you buy, it needs to have a full solid thick steel center just like you see in the pic above!

Clint Darden

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