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2/25/2014 2:15:46 PM - Mike
Hey Team,
I'm just under 3 weeks until my first meet and something just popped into my head. Are flights usually started off with the least amount of weight in the first flight and added as the flights progress? I know that each lifter has their attempts in rotation of the flight. The reason I ask, is because I'm starting to get the feeling that I might be the very first lifter in the meet. Any tips for jitters?

Good question Mike. Most meets will go by openers, lightest to heaviest.

Sometimes this isn't the case if a meet director decides to do females first, or keep weight classes together in a flight like they did at RUM. This is usually the case at high profile meets.

You will most likely be kept in the same rotation as well, meaning if you are first out of 12 lifters in your flight, you will have 11 lifters worth of rest between your attempts. Again, some meets do progressive loading where the bar weight never drops. If your second attempt is lower than the second lifter's opener, then you will go back to back. However, you are afforded 4 minutes rest, and the opportunity to change your attempt twice, giving you another two minutes for each change. The only reason I know this is because Brandon Smitley and I had this conversation at RUM a few weeks ago. I would expect that you won't have to deal with this at the meet you are doing, but if you do, just ask the judges what your options are. Someone will help you if you ever get into a situation where you're not sure of the rules.

If you are in fact the first lifter, and you're worried about nerves, take a really light opener. Something you know you could do if the fire alarms were going off and water was pouring from the sprinkler systems. Or picture everyone in the audience in their underwear.

Casey Williams

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