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3/3/2014 10:17:18 PM - AL
I am doing my first PL meet on the the 29th and was wondering when to do my deload.Should it be the week of the meet or the week before and do you have to bring your own spotters in or do most meets provide for you? thanks congrats on your xpc meet you boss you.

Thanks Al,

I will generally take my last heavy lifts about 3 or 4 weeks out from the meet, Do light work (around 75% or less) two weeks out, and only very light assistance the week of the meet.

Since it's your first meet, and you're probably not as beat up as I am, I would suggest taking your openers around 3 weeks out, work at no more than around 75% 2 weeks out, then just light assistance the week of.

You will not need to bring your own spotters, the meet will provide them. However, if you take a hand-off on the bench press, I would bring your own hand-off man if possible, because they will know exactly where you prefer to take it. I just took a couple of crossfitters to their first meen, and they were tickled by the idea that they did not have to actually load and unload their own weights on the platform.

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Dave Kirschen

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