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3/14/2014 12:14:35 PM -
XPC Arnold part 3 - deads

I had some time to crunch numbers and see where I was and what needed to be done before pulls started. Nobody was really close at subtotal in the flight before me, and I had a nice lead at subtotal in the overall picture, including my flight. A PR total was out, but at meets like these all that matters to me is beating my competition.

With the other two guys that were close at subtotal hitting their DL openers, they went ahead of me on total and coefficient, but I was opening very light(650) on the dead as a warmup. Goggins instilled this in me from his many wins back in the day, since meets are never won with DL openers, and youíre more likely to hit a big third, if you open light(less total poundage lifted betters your chances).

As I started to warm up, I could feel that my back was not happy from pressing that second attempt. I went through some therapy and put my DL suit on and began to set up on the DL bar to warm up. It just was not happening, getting down to the bar that is.

I knew a nerve was irritated in my back, and pushing it too much might undue some serious progress that I have made over the last 10 months. I had a decision to make: Say F#CK it and pull, and treat it as my last meet (it might have been) or be smart, and take the advice that I would give another lifter and shut it down.

So I did. It was a tough, tough, tough, decision to make, but it was the right one. I still contemplated pulling, even after I took my token opener of 145. I needed a 700ish deadlift to win the whole thing, but here is the thing about making the correct decision: THEY ARE EXTREMELY HARD AT THE TIME TO MAKE, BUT YOU DONíT REGRET THEM AS TIME PASSES ÖÖ Not one bit do I regret this now.

I did really struggle for a couple of days and questioned my decision. Doing the wrong thing would have been the cool and easy thing at the time to do Ė the egotistical thing to do, but where would I be right now as I type this? I would be kicking myself for being stupid. Those days of being stupid are over. They ended last year when I pulled for the win.

What makes it hard at the TIME: By not pulling, I felt like I was letting my whole team down and the ones who support me the most. But, looking back I made the right choice as I live to lift and compete another day.

Iím already working on my next training cycle and applying what I learned from this go around. The goal, after talking to Dr. Mcgill was to build more load tolerance in my back. Its come SO FAR in a short time, I just need some more time to build it even higher. So, Iím going to start pushing my Saturdays even harder. Instead of just pulling and squatting, Iím going to do all three lifts on the same day. Bench seems to bother my back more than anything, by far, so now its time to address that and put myself in a position that I can have tolerance to pull AFTER benching.

Time to get even better.

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