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3/24/2014 9:48:40 AM - Eddie
I was looking for a recommendation for bands. I am starting the Westside barbell conjugate method of training and wanted to incorporate some resistance bands for speed work. I was curious which bands (or bundle pack) is recommended?

Thank you.


Thanks for the e-mail and here are my best suggestions.

For speed work, I assume you mean Dynamic Effort type training? If so here are my suggestions. Some of these depend on your equipment (racks) and your strength level.

For Squat
I would suggest either a pro light band or a pro average band to start with.

For Bench
I would go with the pro mini-bands or possibly the monster minis. the miniís doubled up would be the best set-up. You have to double them (sling-shot) because of the range of motion.

For Deadlift
Unless you have band pegs or a platform with a way to loop bands through, I would go with the short monster-minis or the short light bands and hook them under your feet.

Other uses
If you are buying different bands for the 3 lifts, you can also use them for other purposes.

Pro Average - Band TKEs, Band Rows, banded Good mornings, Static Stretching
Pro Light - Face Pulls, Pallof Press, Hip Abduction
Minis/ Monster minis - Shoulder pre-hab, Hip Series,

there are a ton of more uses, but that is the gist.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Here is a link to the bands.

EFS Pro Average Resistance Band
EFS Pro Light Resistance Band
EFS Pro Mini Resistance Band
EFS Pro Monster Mini Resistance Bands
EFS Pro Short Light Resistance Band

Bands = game changer,
Mark Watts

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