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3/25/2014 9:19:50 AM -
10/20/LIFE™ week 3 - day 1 - 3 lift combo day; squat/bench/deadlift

I'm working all 3 lifts on Saturday right now - and the other days are supplemental - to build up (even more) load tolerance in my lower back. The issue is moving from the bench to dead at the XPC(extension to flexion). I'm thinking this will be a good trial run over the next couple months.

I did have a phone convo with Dr. Mcgill on Saturday, and He agreed that this is a good theory and sound logic, but we will have to see how it plays out.


Intensity was higher than last week and so was the weight. We moved pretty slow during the squat(we had 6 of us) but we did the best we could. The whole session took about 1:45. Longer than I wanted. RPE was about a 6 total, but fatigue was setting in on the deads, and my back was starting to get tested -- just like I wanted.

Normal warm-up:
Suit case carry
The big 3
Empty bar for reps
Target needed moblity(ie upper back/hips etc)

Squat: top set 510x4 RPE 6
Bench: top set 335x4 RPE 4
Dead: top set 405x4 RPE 7
Mcgills: 10x10sec hold

The deads did push me a bit, because I was feeling the back tightness again, but made myself get down to the bar and took my time setting up. Being raw, this was much easier. Granted - this was not the pain I had at the XPC but it was familiar. This is exactly what I want. To ride the line of just enough stimulation. I was reminded about this by John Byrd. I said, "I'm smoked." He said, "this is what you wanted." hahahah.....

I have also been videoing every session and will get those up and loaded here soon. I will be doing this from here on out.

Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see. Be on the lookout for instructional videos of the big three and more.

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