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4/8/2014 10:34:11 AM - Neil
Hey Elite FTS crew,
I'm going to helping out with the S&C for a high school wrestling team. This is the first season for the team, so there is nothing in place. I'd love to hear your expert view on exercise selection and such. Thank you for your time and for all of the outstanding information you provide.

-- Regards,


Thanks for the great question my man. I've had my fair share of involvement with wrestling and obviously strength and conditioning.

If you are building a program from scratch, this is going to be a lot of work, so that's my warning for you.

Your development of the program is going to depend on what part of the season you are in and what needs to be developed for the sport.

You'll need to focus on power, strength, and maybe even hypertrophy for some athletes. You'll want to build things based on big movements and what you have at your disposal and your training philosophies.

When I train athletes, I really like to use the Teir System to set up my program and make some modifications as we need. So here are some things you will probably want to use to help build your program.

Olympic Movements (if you can coach them well and have the equipment)
Box Jumps (if you don't have the above)
Squat/Front Squat
Bench Press/Incline Bench/DB Bench/Incline DB Bench
Pull Ups/Chins
Sumo Deadlift (better for stance)
Bent Over Rows/DB Rows
Hamstring Work (GHR, leg curls, RDLs, etc.)
Lunges (all variations)
KB Work (swings, cleans, high pulls)
Upper Back Work (face pulls, pull aparts, rear delt flys, shrugs)
Grip Work
Abs (planks, pallof holds, halfmoons, pikes, stir the pot, bird dogs, etc.)

So for a basic off season program based off the Teir System it could look something like this:

Power Clean - 6x3
Front Squat - 5x5
DB Bench, neutral grip - 4x10
KB Swing - 3x15
GHR - 2 sets
Planks - 3 sets S/S Should Pre Hab Work

Note this is only ONE day. If you know anything about the Tier System, the lifts will rotate around based upon the day.

For off season I would utilize a 3 day split of training and go with 1-2 day split of training in season (based upon competitive schedule).

For grip work you can work this in very easily by using towels, fat gripz, holding the last set of shrugs/pull ups/deadlifts for 20-30 seconds, or doing some plate pinches supersetted with some pressing.

The ideas are really limitless but the qualities I think you need to develop (and maintain in season) would be as follows:

Hip Power
Lower Body Strength
Upper Body Pulling Strength
Grip Strength
Hypertrophy (for those way under weight or JV athletes that will see little mat time).

I hope that helps and let me know if you got any other questions.

Best of Luck,
Brandon Smitley

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