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4/18/2014 12:13:20 PM - Ian Swift
Hey Brandon, I just recently watched your video on the 11 things a college powerlifter needs in their gym bag. I'm going into my senior season of football and know that I won't stop lifting til I'm basically physically incapable of doing. Just curious as to where you went to school at and any recommendations on raw federations because I'm out of state. Home being in California and School being in West Virginia. I have never competed before but I know once footballs over I wanna compete because well...been competing in sports almost my whole life. Thanks man.


I did my undergrad at Purdue and am finishing up my graduate work at Indiana State. I've always lived in Indiana, but there are very few meets here. The good thing is there are usually a lot of meets in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky.

As for federations it really depends on how you want to compete. Some use monolifts, some have raw as knee wraps or no knee wraps, some don't allow knee wraps at all, some have a start command on bench while others don't, and some make you have flat feet on bench while others don't. There are a host of federations, but if you are looking to compete for the first time, don't worry too much about the federation. Just find one that is close and go compete. Read the rules really good, ask questions (places like here), and go have fun and get some numbers.

As you get more free time and get used to competing then you can figure out which federations you like competing in.

Some that are getting popular for raw are:


Check powerliftingwatch to see what meets are near you and just go from there.

And if you need any more help, just let me know!

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Hope That Helps,
Brandon Smitley

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