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4/13/2014 8:05:36 PM - Brian
Hey Dave, I'm looking for ideas for an assistance lift for back/lower back. My goals are strength & fitness, my current program below shows what I'm doing, the "xxxx" is where i would like to throw in the additional lift.

Day 1- heavy squats, pendlays, DB bench, seated cable row for reps

Day 2- DL, pull ups, OHP, DB step ups, shrugs

Day 3- front squats, "xxxx", chin ups, dips, ab work

* i was originally thinking RDL, but that mostly just hits hamstrings, and i also considered good mornings, but those are mostly an isolation as best as i understand how to do them - and i prefer to use all compounds in my workout.


I wouldn't consider RDLs or goodmornings to be isolation movements. True they work the hip joint primarily, but they also strengthen the entire posterior chain, including the hamstrings, glutes and lower back.

If you do want to stick to a multi-joint exercise, I would try some deficit deadlifts, block deadlifts, Or since it's a secondary exercise, even a leg press or hack squat.

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Dave Kirschen

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