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4/18/2014 2:55:19 PM - Dave
I train a boxer who's 17yrs old. His boxing coach has told him to drop to weight class of 114lbs. His current weight is 133. He needs to make weight in 3 weeks. Any suggestions that could help him out as I'm not nutritionist. Thanks


Well, to drop 20 pounds in 3 weeks is a lot for a young kid and that light of a weight class. I don't know his training schedule or his current diet.

I'd start off slowly dropping his overall calories, but keep his pre and post workout nutrition on point so that he feels and performs well for training.

If possible, he can start adding in some low level conditioning work like sled dragging, or fast walking. (That's assuming that he is already doing conditioning work like sprints, prowler, jump rope, complexes, etc)

Check in with me next week and we'll see where he's at. I wouldn't completely cut out carbs. Keep those pre and post workout. But he could start slowly taking away carbs and fat from other meals. Just do it slowly. And gradually increase activity level this week. If he's not doing complexes or other metabolic work, then you could add that in.

Julia Ladewski

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