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6/7/2014 10:50:46 AM - Brian
Question about warming up for a butt-crack early workout: when squats are my first lift for an early am workout, instead of doing 5-10 mins on a cardio machine, would doing several high rep, low-weight sets with minimal rest be a good warm up? Or do I risk fatiguing my legs and impeding my squat work? Is there a better way to warm up with squats, or should I avoid warming up with squats all together and hit the cardio machine?


Squat away my friend. For a warm up I'll go with...
Bird dogs
Mcgill crunches
Reverse hypers
Pull ups
Jump rope

Pick one, a couple, or all of them. But keep it light and get your heart rate up. A little sweat is good too. And depending on what your percentages/intensity is that day on your squats, will dictate what your warm ups need to be.

Example: if your plan is to do speed squats at 50-60%, then you may go bar x5-10 for two sets, plate for 5-10 for two sets, plate and quarter for 5 reps, etc.

Check out some of our training logs to get an idea of how to warm up as far as sets and reps go. It's all dependent on your current strength levels and your goal for that day.

Casey Williams

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