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7/13/2014 8:08:47 PM - seth
Hey Clint,

I am not sure on Elite's policy but can you answer a question I have on this video of Vasily Polov?

In it, he is wearing what appears to be voodoo bands on his knees. He is also wearing what appear to be gymnastic ring hand covers and a shit ton of athletic tape.

I watch as many of your olympic lifting videos from the training facility and I don't see any Cypriots (?) wearing anything of the sort. I am just curious the purpose of all that gear.



I can't say 100% for sure but I will see Oxana this weekend and I can ask her.

I can say a few things though...

What he has on his knees is what most Weightlifters will wear. They are similar to ACE bandages with less stretch to them. I use boxing wraps on my wrists because they have almost no stretch to them. A lot of weightlifters believe that wearing sleeves will "dry out" your joints so they prefer to wrap their knees with that type of material.

It is also important to know that anytime you see someone in their late 20's doing high level Weightlifting...remember that they are into their 2nd decade of this and their joints have taken quite a strain.

As far as what they have on their hands, Oxana does the same thing quite often. I know for a fact that they did not have much time to actually TRAIN on their trip to The USA. They spent most of their time traveling via car and airplane.

You would think that is no big deal but with a true Weightlifting barbell this can be chaos. A weightlifter that gets off of an airplane will hold a strange amount of water (women especially) and that water is sure to cause a callous to rip right off their hands. When we train here we wrap our thumbs and often our pinky, ring, or all fingers if they are looking worn. One small tear in our hands will mean that we will then have to completely miss 7-15 training sessions just so it will heal enough that we can train again. That could be an entire month for a Powerlifter but in Weightlifting that is what they call 1/2 to 1 week.

They are also using bars that they are not used to and this can lead to a serious tear as well. They say that "Nothing Rips Like Eleiko" and that seems to be pretty true...till you get your hands on a strange bar that requires you to grip differently.

So, was it the traveling, the bars, small injuries, or habit...not exactly sure but I will speak with Oxana and find out. There will be no real reason but I can make up some "secret" and share it with The World :)

I Wrap Everything...,
Clint Darden

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