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7/24/2014 6:25:03 PM - Kyle
Hi Clint,

Big fan of all your videos and the work you do. I have a question concerning the yoke for you. I recently acquired a yoke to train with for an upcoming competition, I've been getting some bad shin splints from it though. To the point where I'm probably just going to quit doing yoke until the competition 4 weeks away from now.

I wear chucks for the yoke because a more cushioned shoe leaves me feeling unstable in the ankles.

Do you have any advice to help with this? Should I push through it or rest up until competition?


Wearing Chucks is a really bad idea when it comes to Super Yoke. I actually used to wear Chucks on every event till I realized a few things:
1) I can run faster in running shoes
2) My body hurt like crazy from the hips down non-stop

If you are having pains in your shins, good footwear is a great first step. I can also suggest that you head over and pick up a TheraCane as it works wonders for my shins!

Thera Cane (with instruction book)

If running shoes doe not work very well for you, at least consider picking up a good pair of mid-top style shoes for the foot AND ANKLE support needed.

As far as training the yoke itself, you need to identify your weakness on The Super Yoke. Is it strength or technical? If it is technical then you need to spend time practicing with speed and technique runs. If it is strength, you probably still need technical runs on the yoke and to just get stronger inside the gym.

Here are a couple videos that might help you.

Super Yoke Demonstration from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

Super Yoke Good Mornings from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

Get Back At Me...,
Clint Darden

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