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7/25/2014 7:20:56 AM - Matt
Im looking to put on some lean mass, what is a good ratio of fats, carbs and proteins.

Hey Matt -

Personally I don't think the ratio is as important as total calories and total protein. Then letting the carbs/fats fill in the rest of the calories.

I think too many people get too hung up when looking to gain mass on hitting exact macros. It becomes too tedious and they end up not following their plan. I find if you set total calories and total protein it's much easier to hit those requirements.

Plus everybody is different and some people prefer higher fat, others higher carbs and others more of a balance.

If you don't think you tolerate carbs well keep them highest on training days and around training. Keep fats lower on these days. And then on off days you'd keep fat a bit higher and carbs a bit lower.

If you do think you handle carbs well then push them a bit higher, even on off days.

Pay attention to how you feel, look and how your body responds. Learn what works for you.

As for guidelines - I recommend starting for lean mass gain at bw x 17-18. Then adjusting as needed. I've had people go as high as bw x 21.

Set protein for what your short term goal body weight is. So if you weigh 185 and want to weigh 200, then set protein to 200g a day.

Then let your carbs and fats make up the rest of your calories.

If you have to have ratios here are a couple general guidelines:

30% pro/45% carb/25% fat
30% pro/40% carb/30% fat

Chase Karnes

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