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8/5/2014 8:28:48 AM - Steve
Hey Chase - First off thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Want to pick your brain on a farmers walk routine. I have a powerlifting background and want to try a strongman contest. My deadlift is ok (540 lb now and climbing @ 245lb weight, been up to 600 lb before) having issues on farmers walk. Need a good approach to start getting my weights up. Do I go with a heavy/medium/light days? Want to get down to 231 lb class at 44 yr.old Masters.

Hey Steve -

I'm not sure what issues you are having (grip, foot speed, etc.), but I'll say in general I like a light/medium/heavy rotation. I actually find the 5/3/1 set up applied to farmers to work very well for most.

Here is how I set that up:

If it's your grip I'd add in some direct grip work working on support grip.

If you've got any more specific issues let me know. Hope that helps!

Chase Karnes

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