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8/3/2014 12:36:02 AM - Caio
Gentlemen, good day.

I've been working out for hypertrophy and want to go on until I put more 5 or 6 kg (I am a pure ectomorph - 1,88m tall 80kg). I am able to train 4x / week and my body responds better on a volume of 150-200 reps per muscle. So I am training AB2x.

Anyway, I want to start doing BJJ once a week to let go some steam but am afraid that it could jeopardize my weight gaining process (I then will be able to lift 3x - AB 1,5x)

Would very much appreciate any orientation on that.



Woah, going all Non-American units on me, what are these?.....

But to answer your question, it's simply going to come down to continuing to increase your caloric intake. You might see a minor hit in your numbers while lifting from the get go, but as your body adapts your numbers will probably come back to about normal. However, if you are solely worried about weight gain and improving your mass, I'm guessing your numbers won't really matter all that much. Just keep putting in the hard work on training and food consumption. I know it sounds like a super simple answer, but if you are trying to get bigger that's usually the key thing to monitor.

Now if you are worried about your volume of lifts, after a few weeks of the sparing, slowly add in some drop sets on some of your lifts. This will allow you to get in that extra volume you originally had without eating up too much longer of your time in the gym. You'll need to play around with some different techniques and methods, but doing so should keep you on the fast track to improvement while letting you kick some ass in the process.

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