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9/13/2014 6:52:24 PM - brent
hi, i am looking to put on some muscle mass but do tend to gain fat fairly easy. i am 5'9'' currently 190 around 13% body fat. any help on suggested macros cycles or foods to eat. thanks!


If you are looking to put on some size, I highly recommend you focus still on solid food choices and ensure that you are in a surplus of calories. You will really want to focus on your peri workout nutrition as this will be a great time to load up on calories and help promote growth. There have been a ton of good articles lately that have gone out about nutrition, so check the articles section as well. But as a rule of thumb, I suggest you start around 16 calories per pound of bodyweight and see how you handle things. If you are not gaining weight/size, bump up to 18 calories per pound. You'll want to ensure you are getting ample protein and carbs, but also plenty of healthy fats. With all that said, to stay as trim as you can while adding size, this a long term process. It will not happen over 6 weeks, or probably even 10 weeks. You are looking at 12-24 weeks to make noticeable improvement without gaining too much "bad" weight. Be slow and track things so you can see what works and what doesn't. Patience is key.

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