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8/18/2014 12:07:22 PM - Brad
Hi Shelby, thanks for taking time to answer questions and share your knowledge on here. I'm currently 185, 10% BF and slowly gaining on 3200 cals/day spread over 6 meals.

My issue is, I consume nearly half my days calories within a 3-4 hour window on training days, which means I run out of calories before the day is over. I eat a preworkout meal an hour before training, drink a 400 calorie intra workout shake, and then eat a postworkout meal an hour after training.

My question is, should I add a 7th meal on training days (e.g., spread out my 3200 calories across 7 meals instead of 6)?

And/or am I overdoing it with my intraworkout shake? It's 400 calories consisting of 50 grams Karbolyn and roughly 45 grams of protein (1 scoop of whey isolate & 1 scoop of whey hydrolysate).


I'd keep nutrition high for 6 to 8 hours post workout, so if you need to move calories around so you have more in that time, then do that. You might do well just adding an additional meal (and additional calories).

Shelby Starnes

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