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8/24/2014 6:08:39 PM - matt
Hi Chase

im trying to gain weight for strongman, but im struggling getting in enough food. i work a labor job where im outdoors 8 hours a day. i get a 30 minute lunch break but aside from that im working the rest of the day. i also do shift work so my schedule is pretty unpredictable.

its tough to cram in a lot of food either before or after work. just wondering if you had any tips or ideas on how i could get some meals in there. i doubt its helpful for weight gain when your going 4-5 hours without eating.

Hey Matt -

Well the good news is you can go 4-5 hours without eating and still gain weight. When it comes to weight gain calories are king. As long as you're creating a consistent calorie surplus it really doesn't matter if you're eating every 2-3 hours or every 5 hours. You're just going to have to eat more food in each sitting.

Here are a couple articles of mine that should help you with getting in those calories:

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to work with!

Chase Karnes

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