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8/21/2014 11:21:20 PM - Pat
Follow up from the last twitter chat. I have been competing in the 275s. Last 2 meets weighed in at 258. Recently cleaned up nutrition and have dropped the lowest of 243 and fluctuate to 250 throughout the day. Is a cut needed to compete in the 242s?


Great to hear form you again.

I think making the 242's should be pretty easy for you. Coming into meet week, you need to drop your carbs to rather low levels (less than 50g) and start increasing your water intake on Sunday and slowly ramping up. At your size this should get you really damn close to weight. Then the night before weigh ins just drop your water and minimal food and you should be damn near on.

Feel free to shoot me another message to let me know when your meet is and maybe some more specifics (24 hour weigh in? 12 hour? 2 hour? average morning weight, etc.).

I should be able to give you some more detailed information based upon that.

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