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8/31/2014 7:50:13 AM - Aaron
Hi Chase,

What are your thoughts on the Warrior Diet for a lifter looking to gain size and strength?

I am 26, busy with kids, new home and new job as a teacher. I think the warrior diet fits in with my working day.

However, I only train twice a week - Saturday and Wednesday nights for 30-45 mins. I head for the park on Sunday to do sprints, jumps and calisthenics on the playground equipment like chins and press ups.

I plan on doing a 6-8 week size block of a Ken Leistner style workout of just one all out heavy set, twice a week:
Squat 20 rep, stiff leg 20, press 10, row 10, curl 10, Farmers for distance adding weight over the 6 weeks.

Then I'd switch to 5x5 strength block for the next 6 weeks: Front Squats, Deads and Farmer Walks on Saturday, and Military, Floor Press, Rows and Shrugs on Weds.

(No squat rack/bench etc just a barbell and dumbells in my back yard)

Is this doable on the Warrior Diet considering my goals and routine plan?

Thanks for the time to read this, any help will be greatly appreciated


Hey Aaron -

Good question. I've read "The Warrior Diet" and liked some aspects of it. Is it optimal to gain size and strength? Probably not. Could you gain size and strength on it? Possibly, assuming you were getting in enough calories and macros during your underfeeding and overfeeding period.

How I eat actually reflects some of "The Warrior Diet" - as I'm pretty busy with a new baby, new home, coaching clients 40-50 hours a week, writing articles, training and enjoying life.

The modifications I'd recommend making are:

Undereating period:

Mid to late morning: Protein shake w/added fat

Noon to mid afternoon: Protein source w/added fat

Overeating period: As recommended by the book

You will need to track calories and protein for sure. You'll want to make sure you're hitting your goal bodyweight in grams of protein a day and eating in a calorie surplus.

As long as you do the above I don't see why you can't still gain size and strength while following TWD. Although it may not be optimal.

Hope that helps!

Chase Karnes

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