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9/5/2014 3:35:22 PM - Aaron
Thanks for the reply Chase.

I was looking at your Back to Basics article.

I just think that if I eat Big when size and strength is the goal, I put too much around the waist, hence my Warrior Diet idea.

What do you think about this set up for a 185lbs/85kg guy looking for size and strength on a 2/3 day training week:

6am coffee.
7am 4 large free range eggs scrambled.
12am 250grams Greek Yoghurt with almonds.
3pm Banana
4pm Train
5pm-9pm Overeating window: Whole Chicken/ 500 grams Beef steak with 500grams potatoes, Boiled Veg, fruit, PB & Jam sandwich and cereal on Training Days. Similar but without the cereal and PB & jam sandwich on Non training days

Appreciate the time you give sharing your expertise.



Hey Aaron-

From my experience typically if you're putting too much on around the waist your calories are too high. On that same note I've yet to have a time in my life where I've gained significant size without some noticeable fat gain. You've just got to find that sweet spot where you're gaining muscle without gaining too much fat. So that's something to keep in mind.

I think your plan looks solid. Very similar to how I eat. I'm not sure the total calories or macros from glancing at it, but assuming they are sufficient without going too high on calories you're good to go.

I say give this a try and monitor your progress. If you're gaining too much fat lower the calories a bit, but stick to the plan. If you're not gaining any weight at all increase your calories a big.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

Chase Karnes

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