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9/5/2014 3:45:50 PM - Mitchell
You helped me a little while back with trying to put on weight. Over the last four and a half months I was able to go from 155 to 165 with using higher carb days on training and generally lower on non training days with great strength increases. My next goals is the reach a constant 170. With being around 5'8". To increase my calories even more would you recommend anything further like oats and protein drink during training. Any reccomendations would be awesome. Thanks for the help so far.

Hey Mitchell -

First of all, congrats on your success with the weight gain and strength so far. Nice work!

I would NOT recommend oats during training nor protein UNLESS the protein was hydrolyzed. If you drink any carbs during training you'll want something like cyclic dextrin, Karbolyn, Plazma or even Gatorade.

But honestly I'd just bump up your calories by 250-500 a day however you'd like. I'd set my protein to 170 grams and let the carbs and fat make up the rest.

Since you've been cycling your carbs a bit and seem to be having success I'd recommend just increasing your carbs on training days and increasing your fats on off days to get that bump in calories.

Hope that helps!

Good Luck,
Chase Karnes

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