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9/18/2014 9:26:16 PM - Mike pinchotti
Excellent article on your training log on football stats. Written by a true dc. For years we put a low footed sure handed wr deep on punt. We would try to block every punt and tell him to just catch the ball. You get a lot of shanks pressuring the punter. Key to controlling yac is good tackling, a lost art in football. ALWAYS take away the easy throw. Force the dump or out and rally down. Up tempo offenses kill defenses. Look at the scores in the big 12 vs. SEC. SEC football is still mostly ball control and defense oriented. Big 12 is wide open. Which conference has won more national titles? Oregon has yet to win one. Defense ely, we can stop anybody for 25 to 29 minutez. When it's gets to 34+ it becomes a struggle. Most teams employ defensive starters on special teams. In the last 3 years we have averaged 76 snaps + 26 on special teams. That is way too many reps for any player let alone half your starting d.
If you ever want to get back into coaching give me a call.



Thank you for the kind words. It is awesome to hear your thoughts about those topics.

I have heard some coaches say you have to be a block team or a return team for punt return. You can't do both. We definitely did both but learned to reduce done to one block based on scheme and personnel. We had one wall return we would rep the shit out of. The implementation of the "shield" punt has definitely change the game a little and really reduced what you can do in terms of a block. A safe return ends up being a block vs the shield punt.

I definitely agree with you and one thing I forgot to mention that you did was not only force the short through put the outside throw. At the small school level, how many quarterback can complete the deep out? How many from the opposite hash? Not many. Now let the dig route wide open and that is an easy pitch and catch.

Great points about the ball control offenses. The spread has definitely changed how strength caches should think about conditioning for football, but uptempo also means more plays per season. Think about playing 80 snaps a game as a defense vs. 60. You have literally played at least 3 more games in the course of a season.

There were always those teams that overachieive and you know the ones that all have the same characteristics.

1. They don't turn the ball over
2. They are not penalized often
3. They play great special teams
4. They stop the run
5. They hold on to the ball.

If you win stats in terms of rush vs rush defense, turnovers, penalties and time of possession; you can play with anyone.

Great job vs. GCC last week and best of luck vs. Waynesburg.

Thank again coach, you are one of the best and I appreciate your support of elitefts over the years. I will do everything I can to come out to a game this year.

Golden Tornadoes!,
Mark Watts

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