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9/28/2014 8:45:00 AM - Ryan
Any tips for traveling with strongman equipment for nationals? Things you've noticed TSA looks for, tips 1st time competitors might want to know?

Hey Ryan -

Great question. First and foremost make sure you have a checklist of everything you need and check things off as it's packed. You don't want to forget anything at all. I'm very OCD about my packing. Go through each event in your head and make sure you have all the gear you'll need for each event packed.

A lot of times if I have a connecting flight where I switch airlines or planes I'll use a backpack for my carryon bag. In this bag is my "essentials". So I'll have my oly shoes, my regular moving event shoes, my knee sleeves, my lever belt, my elitefts™ Normal Wrist Wrap, my elitefts™ Heavy Elbow Sleeve and my Metal Jack Deadlift Suit. So in the situation that my luggage gets lost I can easily run out and buy some shorts, socks, underwear, toiletries, etc. What I can't buy real quick is a new deadlift suit, wrist wraps, etc.

I'll also label any chalk that's in my bag as "chalk" with a sharpie marker. I don't want my bag getting extra attention or pulled to the side (possibility of it not making the connecting flight) because they are investigating and unidentified white powder substance.

My gym bag is pretty large and has rolling wheels like a suitcase. So I always check it and my suitcase. Then I have my essentials in my carryon just incase.

So there's a few tips for when flying to a competition.

Good luck! And if you get a minute make sure to introduce yourself in Reno.

See You In Reno,
Chase Karnes

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