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2/2/2015 12:10:59 PM - Merrick
Hi Jim. Not sure if you had any exposure to working with judo players, wrestlers or the like, but was wondering if you noticed any non-traditional exercises or movements that contributed to athletic success besides the main lifts and the basics? I'm doing my best to avoid the word "functional" here, maybe the word I'm looking for is "carry-over." Anything to educate me on this would be appreciated


Not in my experience. Athletic success is based on consistency, attitude, work ethic, willingness to do what is necessary, total commitment to the cause, etc.

I believe that work in the weight room can help nourish and strengthen some of these but it can't be done for the sake of being part of the "Train like an Idiot" training, especially for MMA or Judo. I've only trained a few "enthusiasts" though so perhaps I'm not the best to answer. I do know that you have to be efficient in your programming - to deal with the other stressors. Being strong is always going to be an advantage. Luckily, it doesn't take Trend Volume to achieve this.

I'm just rambling now and I'm pretty sure 4 people will read this. Have a great day and remember that general is general and specific sells to uneducated parents.

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