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10/13/2014 10:20:47 AM - Jason

when having a breakfast/brunch cheat meal (breakfast buffet), would it be best to train before that and use it as a post-workout meal or train later in the day and maybe do some cardio before the cheat meal?

1.) Train, Cheat meal
2.) Cardio, Cheat meal, train later that day

Which would you prefer and why?

Thank you very much and all the best,


If it's a cheat meal...then use it as what it is...a break from the diet. Don't overthink cheat meals or they're no longer serving their purpose.

If it were me, I'd probably have the cheat meal earlier in the day, before training....but reasoning for that would be that I would rather just get to eating the good stuff and not be counting the hours until I got to pig out all day.

Either way, the purpose of the cheat meal is to replentish glycogen stores and give a psychological break from the diet. If you're depleted enough to warrant a cheat meal, then you're depleted enough to "soak up" the nutrients whatever time of the day the cheat meal happens to be.
I know the thought process is probably that having the cheat meal after the workout will take advantage of the glycogen depletion caused by the workout to make sure the food is all taken up to the muscles and whatnot....but again, if you're depleted enough to warrant a cheat meal, your body is already primed to take up those nutrients--with or without the workout stimulus.

Justin Harris

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