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12/19/2014 11:59:56 PM - Jonathan
Hi Brandon,
I saw this log post you wrote about the Bioforce HRV unit.

I also recently bought one and was wondering what your experience has been with it now that you've had it a while.



Interesting you ask this as I was just talking about this with Alex Cortes and Scott Stevenson.

I think the overall product is great. It's easy to use and I like the layout. I have since stopped using it because what I found was that I knew my body well enough that is was basically telling me it was good to train when I knew I was and vice versa.

Now I will say that it can be a great device for people that like training with RPE or are fairly new to training (beginners and intermediates). Many people don't know how to listen to their body and will push it when they shouldn't or hold back when they really could go much harder. This unit will be very good for letting you truly know when.

I'll also say that this is also good for people to learn how other things outside of training affect their bodies. If you skimp on sleep or quality nutrition you will notice that your HRV readings won't be as friendly. With this device you and actually quantify this. So if you a somewhat nerdy and like tracking that kind of stuff, it's certainly great to have on hand!

I don't think it's the end all be all to training, but I think there are good applications. If nothing else, use it to learn your body so later down the road you can just know when you can push it and when you need to dial it back.

Enjoy the unit though, and hopefully you grab some data that is useful for you and your training to help you hit some PR's and continue to make progress.

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Best of Luck,
Brandon Smitley

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