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10/22/2014 2:29:56 PM - AJ
Hi Justin,

Im having real trouble getting my chest to grow, I haven't put any size on there for a while, and I can never seem to "feel" my chest working during pressing movements. Any suggestions?

Thank you. suggestion is to stop worrying about feeling your chest.
My chest lagged behind the rest of my body for years...I tried every exercise with every form with the hopes of finding a way to "feel" my chest working.

What ended up happening is my chest never grew. Eventually I started powerlifting, stopped worrying about feeling my chest and worried about pressing heavier weights, and gave up on having a thick chest.
The end result was that my chest finally started growing.

I no longer feel like my chest is a weak part...and I no longer worry about 'feeling" my chest. I train my chest heavy, with a lot of pressing movements, and I do all of the benching type movements with a "powerlifting" form (elbows tucked, driving through my feet, etc).

I don't know if that will work for you...but if you take a step back and look at powerlifters over the'll be hard pressed to find one with no chest development.

And....if you look at the bodybuilders in recent years who've had the best chest (johnnie jackson, ronnie coleman, branch warren, etc) you'll notice that they all press heavy and bench with elbows tucked (i.e., not "feeling" it in their chest).

It could be that they were just meant to have a big chest...but I would feel safe in saying that they probably wouldn't have a bigger chest than they do now if they had spent years trying all sorts of different forms and methods to better "feel" the movements in their chest.

Just my 2 cents on the topic,
Justin Harris

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