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10/19/2014 4:37:14 PM - Brandon
I have a buddy telling me I need to learn sales technique to become a good trainer. My thought is my results I get clients will do the selling for me. I'm in this for the joy of training people and the money will follow right? Or would it be smart to take a few books out on selling?


Maybe "good" trainer isn't the right term, but if you want to be a successful trainer, then you will need to take the business side of the industry seriously, and this includes sales. Money doesn't just magically "follow", no matter how good the service. Money is made through an effective business strategy.

I've worked with and managed hundreds of trainers over the course of my career, and every single one of them was in it for the joy of training people. But the ones who actually made any money at it were the ones who knew how to sell their services. Sales may not be what drives you into this business, but it will most certainly be what allows you to make a living at it.

Let's take a look at your current plan (which is, incidentally EVERY new trainer's plan) of building your business through customer referral.

How do you plan on picking up the initial client base you will be generating these results for?

Once you do receive these referrals, or what we call "hot leads" how do you plan on actually closing these deals. No matter how compelling your results with your existing clients, prospects rarely just walk up to you, cash in hand, ready to go. It happens on occasion, but not enough to rely on.

You do not need to become some fast-talking hustler stereotype, especially if this is not who you are begin with. In fact, it's best if you tailor your approach to fit your own personality. But if your goal is to build a business, you are going to need to know how to market and sell your services.

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Dave Kirschen

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