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10/25/2014 9:47:16 AM - Billy
Hey Chase, I've been following your training for a while and you have a great press. I'm hoping you could take a look at my continental form and see where it can be improved. The first bid is with 235,and the second is with 200. I've been lifting for over 20 years and competing off and on in strongman since 2006 as a hvywt and now a 231. Thanks for your time and all that Elitefts does.,and

Hey Billy -

Thank you. And thanks for following my log.

Overall your continental clean looks pretty good. One thing I see though is your transition time from once the axle hits your stomach to the time you finish the clean could be faster. You want the axle sitting on your stomach the shortest amount of time possible. You want a quick pop on the clean getting the axle to the top of the stomach. Then as soon as it hits you want another quick pop. The longer you wait the harder the clean is going to be.

Another thing a lot of guys do wrong and don't realize is that they start doing their axle work with a double over grip and regular power clean. Then they switch over to the alternate grip and start the continental once the weight gets heavy. I recommend cleaning this way from the very start. Your first warm up on. I typically start at 95 pounds on these and always use an alternate grip and continental clean. I continue to do so on all my warm up and work sets. This gives you a lot of submax technique work and also engrains this movement pattern much faster.

If your clean is your weak point make sure you clean multiple reps on each set and not just one clean, then press for reps.

Wearing a good large screen printed shirt helps as well. It allows the axle to "stick" in place once it his your upper stomach and you don't have to fight it to hold position near as hard. The only time you can't wear your own shirt is typically Nationals. So don't get too reliant on the shirt if you're training for a contest that requires you to wear their shirt.

Also - make sure you don't have the collars too tight on the axle so that you can get some rotation. Very rarely will the axles be fixed in competition. Overly tight collars make the second part of the continental clean horrible.

Hope that helps!

Chase Karnes

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