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11/11/2014 7:13:14 PM - Rob Weagle
Hey Clint,

I've started using Stones for training however, I have noticed that I get a dull pain through my upper bicep area afterwards. The pain lasts for a few hours afterwards. My question is have you ever encountered this type of pain before or know of anyone who has? It certainly doesn't feel like the bicep muscle itself is the cause either. Possible weak tendons? More bicep specific training/warming up?

Thank you for any help you can suggest.


There could be a long list of things going on here but in Strongman often it ends up being a combination of issues.

Tight biceps and shoulders is the most common. You have to look at the shoulder from a circular perspective though and realize that a problem in the rear area where it ties into the lat can easily end up with pain up under the front delt and/or upper bicep.

If it is a tendon issue then you run the serious risk of tearing it. It is not an easy issue to fix as tendons get very little blood flow which means that they don't heal fast (or well). I can offer a few suggestions as I have torn my right bicep from up under the shoulder before.

Clint SS Yoke Rev Band

1) Use a SS Yoke Bar for Squats and Good Mornings. A lot of bicep and shoulder pains come from squatting with a straight bar...even if it is a high quality bar (although I'd like to try my hand with a Mastadon, hint, hint). Rotate in the SS Yoke Bar when you are pushing Atlas Stone work (as well as pressing.

2) Control the amount of volume of other bicep/shoulder events as well. Like Tire Flip, Log, Dbell, Yoke, etc... They either end up with you putting some kind of pressing down or pulling against your bicep that will add up.

3) Never EVER train stones without tacky. People (myself included) used to think it was COOL and STRONG to train stones without tacky. I though till I had my first bicep tear and realized that had that stone not slipped I would not have torn my bicep. Was it worth it?

4) Train some light high rep biceps. I can suggest a straight bar, EZ Curl Bar, Fooball Bar, Bands looped through some plates, etc... You can easily do some sets of 12-20 one week and some 50-100 rep sets the next week. Careful, these will make you sore!

5) Be pro active with your mobility work on the bicep!

House of Biceps,
Clint Darden

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