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10/31/2014 5:46:19 PM - Cammy
If someone doesn't lift weights and just does cardio, will having a diet high in protein make them gain weight? If they would like to lose weight, should they still follow macros and have many small meals per day?

Hi Cammy -

No, a diet high in protein will not make you gain weight as long as the overall calories aren't in a surplus. If you are looking to lose weight then they'd also need to be in a calorie deficit.

I'd suggest a high protein diet for anyone looking to lose weight as it has a higher TEF (Thermic effect of food) than carbs and fat, it's very filling and it's the least likely macro to be stored as body fat. And it will also help keep muscle loss to a minimum.

As for the number of meals - this isn't that important. Total calories for the day is the most important thing. So they could be spread out over 3 meals, 4 meals or even 7 meals. It's just whatever fits your schedule and lifestyle the best.

Hope that helps!

Chase Karnes

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